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Hop in, I am driving
We're Home
Don't forget me. I am still here
Add Butane = Portable Gas Grill
Enjoying time with the Newbies
Everyone coming to say Hello
The Clear Cups and Lids are here !!!!
The Fish will get their new temporary Homes
Too Bad Ottawa Senators didn't go further 
in the play-offs
A Bored Son-In-Law !!!
Tee-Off Time 12.01 A.M.
I look Good !!!!
Who said Butane was just for stoves ??
We will deliver Toilet Paper one case or ONE Roll at a time !!!!!
All products are from Plant Based Material
When buying foil, weigh the box.
100m of regular foil weighs less than Heavy Duty foil
Our box weighs 6 lbs.
Not all Plastic Food Wraps are the same. 
I am SO pretty !!!
delivery truck.JPG
delivery truck.JPG
A new Front Seat, well its a start to the New Dunrose Distribution Delivery Truck
Our "NEW" Delivery Truck !!!!!
1949 Chev. 1 Ton
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